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Day 2: diary of the ball crew

Following the second day of action at the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters, our ball crew from Clapton Girl’s Academy recapped their experiences on court. Read Day 1 here, or read about our partnership with the Tennis Foundation that helped make this experience possible.

Today we had the chance to watch some matches before going on court. They were intense! We watched our own GB Andy Lapthorne and Kyu-Seung Kim. It was our first experience of a quad match and we found it very inspiring.

Then we were on court with Alfie Hewett from Great Britain and Nicolas Peifer from France. It was definitely our best match yet as a team and also a great win for Alfie Hewett.

We had some downtime and we chose to spend this playing mini tennis and doing physics homework.

Our next match featured the world no. 1 (Houdet, from France) and the defending champion (Gerard, from Belgium). It was an exciting match but we all felt that it wasn’t our best performance. We were probably distracted by the amazing tennis. Unfortunately due to some short matches and an injury we were unable to be on court for our last two shifts. Nevertheless we had an amazing time and we are really excited for the days ahead.