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Blogs // Tennis // Day 1: Diary of the Ball Crew from NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters

Day 1: Diary of the Ball Crew from NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters

Two Greenhouse Sports tennis programmes will be on court this week, although not partaking in their usual activities. Our programmes at Clapton Girls Academy and St Paul’s Way Trust School will be donning the pink shirt of the ball crew at this year’s NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre. The two school programmes, supported by the Tennis Foundation, are providing teams of students to be ball crew for the international tennis event, which features some of GB’s recent medallists from the 2016 Paralympics in Rio. The teams have trained extensively for these roles and will represent both Greenhouse Sports and their schools throughout the week. Read below for an account of Day 1, as told by one of our students from Clapton Girls Academy.


Day 1: NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters.

The moment we arrived, we were given lanyards and rushed into the ball crew changing rooms, where we put on our uniforms before our first match. Finding out we were on first was daunting but we overcame our nerves and performed to a good standard. Watching the players was inspirational! Their athleticism was truly admirable. We even got to be on court with the World No 1 [Stephane Houdet of France].

Despite a few hiccups, we managed to enjoy the experience. In the second match (which involved Gordon Reid,  Paralympic and Grand Slam champion and British No. 1), we improved and everyone was pleased with our performance.

Looking forward to tomorrow!