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Blogs // Kate Burt // Creating a sporting habit for life at Greenhouse Sports

Creating a sporting habit for life at Greenhouse Sports


We strive to create a sporting habit for life here at Greenhouse Sports, as it goes without saying that taking part in sport and physical activity has a positive impact on people’s lives at any age. With happy experiences of school sport known to increase long term participation, Greenhouse Sports coaches work hard to foster a sporting habit for life in the 3,000 young Londoners that we engage with every week.

Our approach relies on both the latest research into positive sporting experience in childhood and the wealth of experience we’ve gained working with over 35,000 young people since 2002. Coaches structure their programmes around six fundamental principles:

  • Promote physical and emotional safety and demote strength and power
  • Create an instructionally-effective and safe environment
  • Do not allow aggressive individuals to dictate sporting practice
  • Provide opportunities for inter-school and not just intra-school participation – we hold regular tournaments
  • Ensure participation is elective rather than selective
  • Offer young people a variety of roles, for example as referees or administrators, connected to participation – young people don’t need to be hugely sporty to be part of our team

Most of all, we want our young people to have fun and enjoy being part of the Greenhouse Sports team so that they develop their social, thinking, emotional, and physical (STEP) skills AND go on from our programmes to enjoy sport for years to come.