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Coach Core diaries: an America adventure…


(Coach Core apprentice Mulenga is currently on placement in the USA and clearly loving it!)

This year my role with Challenger Sports, the biggest soccer camp operator in North America, has allowed me to work as a Camp Director, where I oversee a camp for a week at a time, giving the coaches their working hours and ensuring they are sticking to the company curriculum. I love liaising with the parents and camp co-ordinator to make sure we’re delivering the best service to the participants and they are learning in a fun environment.


The idea of these camps is to provide fun, engaging soccer games, where the participants don’t even realise they are learning other key life skills, such as teamwork, communication, cooperation and problem-solving. The purpose of these games is to get them to think in a cognitive way and work as a together.

What I have enjoyed most is that at each camp we do an opening ceremony and the coaches have to individually introduce themselves to the participants. They ask us a million questions about the UK, like “is the weather cold all year round?” and “do we really like tea and crumpets?” Just our accents alone keep the participants enthusiastic and engaged!


I’ve had a very productive and amazing experience so far on my journey which will see me travelling through Atlanta Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. So far I have worked in Georgia for a week. The weather in Georgia is very hot, 40C everyday! I then started the second week in Florida and for the past three weeks I’m covering Panama City, which is very refreshing and has some lovely sights to see. The beach has amazing white sand!

We are all having a great time and my host family have been asking about what I do at home with Greenhouse Sports Coach Core and what London is like. They are planning on visiting London in the near future which is awesome.

So far it has been an amazing experience I know I will never forget. Thanks to Coach Core and Challenger Sports!


Host Family: Melanie and Patrick Lewis in the front, their sons in the red and blue t-shirts (Timothy and Jim), me in the back row second from the left and the other coaches.

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