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A coach’s perspective: Ball Crew at NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters

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Jamie Faint, Head Coach of our tennis programme at Clapton Girls Academy, shares his perspective on the opportunities his players have had to participate as ball crew at this week’s NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters. Just before we broke up for the summer holidays, I received an email from the Tennis Foundation offering our players at… Read more »

Day 2: diary of the ball crew

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Following the second day of action at the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters, our ball crew from Clapton Girl’s Academy recapped their experiences on court. Read Day 1 here, or read about our partnership with the Tennis Foundation that helped make this experience possible. Today we had the chance to watch some matches before going on… Read more »

Day 1: Diary of the Ball Crew from NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters

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Two Greenhouse Sports tennis programmes will be on court this week, although not partaking in their usual activities. Our programmes at Clapton Girls Academy and St Paul’s Way Trust School will be donning the pink shirt of the ball crew at this year’s NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre. The… Read more »

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