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Case Study: Meet Ade

Ade*, a Year 10 pupil, has attended the Greenhouse Sports basketball programme since our coach, Michael, identified his potential in a Year 7 PE session and invited him to join us. At that time, Ade’s behaviour and attitude were a major concern, and there was a point when he was almost excluded from school permanently.

Michael started mentoring Ade, and this, coupled with the discipline he learned on the basketball court, helped him to learn how to regulate himself. Ade’s behaviour improved to such an extent that Michael appointed him captain of the school team. As Ade grew in confidence, he became a strong and considered leader. Ade now talks of teaching sport in the future, and is already following in Michael’s footsteps – using his own experiences to help others who have displayed the same issues he once experienced. Michael reflected on the change he has seen in Ade:

“Many had written him off due to his negative behaviour, but over the last two years he has turned himself around, winning teachers over with his pleasant attitude and, more importantly, with the respect he now shows the teaching staff. I am proud of the achievements Ade has made, as his journey has been a difficult one. He has never given up, constantly tries to better himself, and has become a positive role model for the younger students.”

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our participants. Photos do not relate to this case study.