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Blogs // Basketball // Basketball England Division Two Coach of the Year: Predrag Krneta

Basketball England Division Two Coach of the Year: Predrag Krneta

Predrag Coaching
Basketball England’s Coach of the Year Awards were announced recently, with long-time Greenhouse Sports basketball coach, Predrag Krneta taking top honours for his work with London Greenhouse Pioneers in Division Two. This is the third consecutive year Predrag has won this award for his work with the community club. Predrag has worked as a coach at Greenhouse Sports for over ten years and spoke to us about what this award means to him, and how this season went for him:

On his highlights of this season:
“The highlight of the year for me was the recognition we received from the Liverpool basketball club management, coaching staff, players and supporters after the play off semi final game when they said we were the best team they played this season. The other highlight has been player development particularly in case of Maurice Gilbert and Dean Prosenica. Maurice has developed into one of the best point guards in the national leagues and Dean has been one of the top five players in the league. Both of them have been part of our programme for nine years. Furthermore, we introduced two 15 years old players from our junior programme to the team this year, as we continue to give opportunities to dedicated and gifted players.”

On what it means to be recognised with this award:
“To be recognised by my peers and people involved in the game of basketball means a great deal not only for me but to the players and to our organisation. It shows the quality of the product we put on display every weekend, and the consistency we have shown throughout the season. I believe this is the third year in row for me [winning the award] but prior to that I had been runner up for three consecutive years and this is really key to we want to represent: identity, continuity and consistency.

On his love for coaching and basketball:
“Firstly I love the game. I believe that game of basketball is an art if played at the high level and standard so the teaching of technical and tactical aspects of the game is something I enjoy doing. The court is place

where all happens and there is no hiding. Usually it’s one shot, one pass or one rebound that decides the outcomes of the games and that’s how you live by.”