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Blogs // Tennis // A coach’s perspective: Ball Crew at NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters

A coach’s perspective: Ball Crew at NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters

Jamie Faint, Head Coach of our tennis programme at Clapton Girls Academy, shares his perspective on the opportunities his players have had to participate as ball crew at this week’s NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters.


Just before we broke up for the summer holidays, I received an email from the Tennis Foundation offering our players at Clapton Girls Academy the opportunity to be part of the NEC Wheelchair Masters as a ball crew team. This was a great new opportunity because on a Greenhouse Sports Programme you have different personalities, different levels of playing ability and participants who are very committed but don’t necessarily want to play competitively. When picking my ball crew squad, I focused on those who, at the time, weren’t playing as competitively as others but were very committed to the programme. This meant that, although it wasn’t on court, they were going cialis generique to develop new skills, a different perspective and, most importantly, the professionalism, determination and focus you need to be part of a world class event.

The girls were very excited when they were cialis jakarta told I had chosen them, perhaps mainly because the Tennis Foundation were giving them some lovely kit and a brand new pair of trainers – I think this is natural for every young person. However, the more they trained with the Tennis Foundation’s ball crew coaches, it became apparent that the kit meant less and less to them. They really had this ambition to be the best so they could potentially be ball girls in the final. The excitement was lovely to see but, from a coach’s perspective, the focus and commitment was even better to see.

The girls gave up three Sundays to do the Tennis Foundation training and they loved every minute. The ball crew coaches were great with the girls, who always tried to put into practice what was being taught.

In the lead up to the event they were asking me when they could do extra training sessions. There is nothing better as a coach when the pupil comes to you and demands more: that’s when you know they are hooked by what they are learning and their ambition to be the best they can be.

The girls experienced their first day of the event yesterday and after a nervy first match they came off court and said they thought they got things wrong. They told me what they thought and then I added a few points. In the next match they were brilliant and I was really proud of the way they reacted after not reaching the standards they set in training. They are now really excited for the rest of the week and will be fighting hard to take their level on even further. The reason they will do this… because they absolutely love being ball girls on this world stage and because they have a mind set to be the best they can be.

This is not something everyone has access to but thanks to the Tennis Foundation and our Greenhouse Sports programme, they have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity and, credit to my girls, they have taken it with both hands! I really hope the same opportunity arises next year!

Coach Jamie